Ancillary Support
Services For All Needs

Besides manufacturing high quality CBD ingredients Sunflower Hemp Co. offers these additional services to our customers

Winterization Services

Do you need your Raw Crude Oil winterized? We can take your Raw Crude and give you back fully winterized and decarbed Crude Oil ready for market.


Do you need your crude oil refined into Full Spectrum Distillate or your distillate turned into isolate? We can take your crude oil or distillate and give you back the ingredient you are looking for in the form of Full Spectrum Distillate, T-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate or Isolate.

Remediation Services

Do you have stock of distillate that needs remediated? Sunflower Hemp Co. can take your Full Spectrum Distillate and remediate the THC to a non-detect level.

Is your Isolate pigmented or not as pure as you need it to be? We can help clean up dirty low potency isolate and give you back high potency white crystalline powder.