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Our Ingredients

We have CBD ingredients for you.  If you are a co-packer, provide white label services, or someone looking to create their own formulations for their brand, all of our extracts are shipped ready to go for you to enrich your consumer products with CBD.

Full Spectrum Distillate

A distillate oil with a high CBD content containing most plant compounds and terpenes.
Using the tried and true short path distillation method we take high grade CBD crude and refine it into a Full Spectrum Distillate oil. Our Full Spectrum Distillate has a CBD content at minimum of 80% and is rich in minor cannabinoids. Full spectrum Distillate is great for formulating tinctures, sublinguals, capsules, and gummies.

THC Free Distillate

CBD distillate oil with a non-detect level of THC but still containing most of the plant compounds.
To obtain a CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate oil with non-detect THC and minimum 80% CBD we take our Full Spectrum Oil and utilizing chromatography remove the THC while leaving most of the minor cannabinoids intact. T-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate can be used interchangeably with Full Spectrum Distillate but with the added assurance or requirement that it will contain a non-detectable amount of THC.


A powder form of almost pure CBD that leaves the plant compounds and terpenes behind.
If you are looking for a formulation that is in powder form and almost pure CBD then our isolate is what you need. Our CBD isolate is a pure white crystalline powder that is 98%+ CBD. Isolate is perfect for adding to products that you don’t want to notice the taste or smell of plant compounds.

We Produce Small Batches with 3rd Party Testing Along Every Step for Maximum Potency, Purity, and Quality Control.

3rd party tested every batch with
seed to sale documentation from a
GMP Certified Manufacturer

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